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Thurlowe Clarke

Thurlowe Clarke

The Challenge

Three years ago director Dan McNamara was looking to make Thurlowe Clarke's client data accessible from anywhere. "It was a daunting prospect," commented Dan. "Back then we ran a paper-based back office which comfortably filled twenty filing cabinets."

"There was a plethora of highly confidential documents both to scan and store securely, given the IFA legal requirement is to retain information for up to twenty years."

Dan explained "Thurlowe Clarke subscribes to the IFA's 'Treating Customers Fairly' policy and our record-keeping must be copper-bottomed. Loss of data is a truly frightening prospect."

The Approach

IT Farm has a lot of experience in IT for outcome-based regulation in both the financial and legal sectors. Their cloud computing solution would immediately address Dan's concerns about FCA compliance and solve the problem of how to provide flexible access to data whilst maintaining security:

"We'd heard of cloud but knew very little of its benefits. There were clear operational advantages once James Huntington had explained how IT Farm protects data. There was the potential for Thurlowe Clarke's future business to be more effective and profitable."

The Technical Info

Thurlowe Clarke use IT Farm's Hosted Desktop cloud offering which comes pre-loaded with all the essentials every business needs: email; file storage (including an on-demand restore service) and Microsoft Office.

Importantly, Hosted Desktop allows Thurlowe Clarke's financial advisers to access all their data, emails and apps from any device (even smart phones) from anywhere in the world.

Matt Seaborn, Infrastructure Manager at IT Farm, commented "Thurlowe Clarke have the added benefit that as they add more client files they can simply increase the storage space they take.  Buying storage on this pay-as-you-use basis is much more efficient than buying new disks or new servers to cope with growth."

The Outcome

"We got the number of filing cabinets down from twenty to two and now occupy a smaller office, so we pay less rent, which is a bonus. All our data is easily accessed from anywhere, which is much more efficient," Dan says. "Now my office is my laptop".

Dan spends many hours on insurer websites completing long and complex applications on behalf of his clients. He no longer has to worry about loss of information because of IT Farm's back-up and retrieval systems.

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