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Prader Recruitment

Prader Recruitment

Prader Recruitment

The Challenge

Prader Recruitment is a specialist company who focus on the UK construction industry working with market leading distributors and manufacturers of building products by headhunting the brightest sales management talent.

Philip Saunders, director and owner, recognised the need for change four years ago, having overseen a recruitment programme of continued growth:

"We were running eight workstations with a ten-year-old server, paying £200 per month maintenance for a seriously unreliable piece of kit. We particularly needed to upgrade our security because we were holding over 20,000 personnel records," he revealed.

As a change of premises loomed large, Philip was not anxious to "pay £5,000 to re-cable and buy a new server for a very fancy price." It was time to look elsewhere and possibly re-think the existing IT strategy. A trip to Google was called for.

The Approach

Phillip wanted to incorporate his recruitment software system to allow Prader and their clients the flexibility of easier access.

Based on his philosophy of continuous improvement, "Cloud computing appeared to be the ideal solution as it is quick and efficient, never breaks down and delivers benefits that you can actually measure," he observed.

"What's more, IT Farm's approach avoided the need for costly replacement and upheaval; they outlined an IT strategy which addressed all our concerns. But the bottom line was cost. As we were heading into a recession I wanted a value-added package that would beat rival offers."

The Technical Info

Prader run Profile RPM, via IT Farm’s Hosted Application service, a specialist recruitment app. Using Profile RPM means Prader's consultants have secure access to their client data from any PC, laptop or tablet without having to install the app or contact IT.

The Outcome

IT Farm took on board Prader's wish list and delivered a much smarter solution that was not only outstanding in terms of its technical specification but was cheaper too:

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