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Jermyn Consulting

Jermyn Consulting

Jermyn Consulting

The Challenge

Formed in 2000, Jermyn Consulting's expertise allows clients to take control of their contingency-planning exposures managing them in an efficient cost-effective manner.

In 2009 Jermyn was registered to BS 25999 which is the British Standard for Business Continuity Management. Jermyn are now also registered to ISO 27001, the information security standard.

Director, George Hall explains:"We have guiding principles that underpin everything we do. We have yet to be presented with a business continuity or IT disaster-recovery challenge we can't meet," "We had two immediate challenges: our IT service company was not giving us the support we needed and it was time to refresh our hardware and software, so there was a purchase/ rental/ outsource decision to be made."

"We had run with our own server on site since 2003, but it wasn't providing the reliability we needed. Our team of consultants is out and about in the field a great deal of the time and needs full access to email and files.

"We also knew from our experience of helping our clients with DR that recovering from the loss of a server was never painless and we wanted to do everything we could to stop this happening to us."

The Approach

"We decided to move away from our existing supplier as part of robust risk-management thinking, and practicing resilience, before our house was not in order."

George shortlisted six firms, all of whom offered what he called "Conventional IT Support". A thoughtful referral to IT Farm made him realise just what he'd been missing all these years:

"IT Farm opened our eyes, but it involved a complete change of mindset," admitted George. "IT Farm works without any servers on our site, so there's far less technical jargon and a far greater focus on what is important to us - our service levels."

"We installed a 30-day trial version of our cloud to demonstrate some immediate benefits," commented IT Farm Managing Director, James Huntington.

The Technical Info

Jermyn Consulting use IT Farm's Hosted Desktop offering, which comes pre-loaded with all the essentials every business needs: email; file storage (including a restore service) and Microsoft Office. Importantly for Jermyn Hosted Desktop also comes with IT Farm's award-winning 15 minute call response support service.

Like all IT Farm's offerings, ultra resilience comes as standard. "We've worked tirelessly to engineer out the single points of failure commonly found in small business IT," commented James, "and from the outset we wanted to give Jermyn a service level that would exceed expectations and protect their hard-earned reputation."

The Outcome

"We've now enjoyed more than a year of stress-free and trouble-free IT," continued George.

"Our agreement with IT Farm has enabled us to focus upon our own business priorities. We are confident in IT Farm's ability to manage and maintain our IT in line with the high expectations that we have and the service we offer to our clients."

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