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Hosted Telephony

What is hosted telephony?

Hosted telephony is a business telephone system hosted on the cloud rather than in your office. Unlike traditional methods, which rely on expensive phone lines, calls are made and received over your existing internet connection.

What Does Hosted Telephony Bring to your Business?

Comprehensive features

Benefit from all the features normally reserved for a large enterprise's internal system: voicemail-to-email, teleconferencing, caller ID, hunt call groups, auto attendant and call statistics. All this is available on physical handsets or directly from your PC, tablet or mobile.


Security is an oft-quoted worry about cloud technology but our industrial strength security features and regular updates protect your phone network from hackers.


Embrace mobile working and introduce better collaboration between multiple sites so that your employees have an ‘in-office’ experience regardless of location or device.


Switch to hosted overnight, connect new offices and people instantly, and scale up or down as your business changes so the costs reflect your actual staffing levels.

How is our Hosted Telephony different?

All Hosted Telephony providers will offer you a suite of features and support options. But, what do we offer beyond that?

Robust Security

A platform and network run with state of the art protection practices, ensuring that your infrastructure will remain secure.

Superior Reliability

We are proud to work with a partner who offers their own end to end VoIP network, meaning the service is fully managed by one party.

High Performance

We only ever use the highest spec hardware, normally reserved for large enterprise cloud providers, ensuring your telephony is delivered in crystal clear quality.

Expert, Knowledgeable Support

Guaranteed 15 minute response time, with dedicated online telephone and weekend support teams.

Dedicated circuit ensures your migration is seamless and will be complete in a matter of days.

Hosted Telephony Form

Hosted Telephony Form

Thinking of moving to a hosted telephone system? Contact us for details of our adaptable, all-inclusive packages

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