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Hosted Applications

What Are Hosted Applications?

Hosted Applications give you the same functionality as software installed on your PC - but it's operated from the cloud. There is no ongoing maintenance on your part, and because it's accessed online, your applications are available anywhere on any device.

What Does Hosted Applications Bring to Your Business?


Pay a fraction of the cost of running, managing and maintaining your applications in house.


Your staff can work from home, across multiple offices or wherever they are to help your business collaborate more efficiently.


Seamlessly upscale or downscale software licences according to your headcount and revenue.

Mitigate security threats

Eliminate risk of local system corruption and welcome a host of robust cybersecurity measures.

How is our Hosted Applications Different?

All providers of Hosted Applications will give you the flexibility of accessing your software from the cloud and offer the support and maintenance to keep your applications running. So, what sets us apart from everyone else?

Robust Security

Compliant to ISO 27001 and 27017 information security standards.

24/7 monitoring and full user access reports.

Superior Reliability

99.992% uptime over the last three years.

Two independent UK data centres running state-of-the-art server and storage hardware.

Fully managed data backup and disaster recovery procedure.

High Performance

We only ever use the highest spec hardware, normally reserved for large enterprise cloud providers.

Ensures your desktop and applications are delivered at the quickest possible speed..

Expert, Knowledgeable Support

Guaranteed 15 minute response time, with dedicated online telephone and weekend support teams.

Our expert IT team is always within 3 metres of your IT.

Hosted Applications Form

Hosted Applications Form

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