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Safe4 Guest Blog - Advice for Securely Sending Sensitive Data

For decades the use of email has been the obvious choice for transferring documents to other parties – convenient, universal,... Read More Posted by Dr James Huntington on February 13 8:54am

The Myths of the Cloud are Holding Businesses Back

It is time to debunk the most common myths of the cloud and show the compelling benefits that the cloud can offer.

Read More Posted by Dr James Huntington on January 27 10:02am

In House Vs. Cloud: What’s the Future of IT for legal firms?

Modern legal firms need to ensure their technology supports their processes in every way - so what’s the future of technology... Read More Posted by Dr James Huntington on September 07 10:00am

Post-COLPs: Are Legal Firms More Compliant Now?

Compliance is always going to be an important issue for law firms - has the introduction of COLPs and COFAs changed anything... Read More Posted by Anonymous on June 03 10:00am

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