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Why the Public Sector is Moving to the Cloud

Why the Public Sector is Moving to the Cloud

Why is the Public Sector moving to the cloud?

G-Cloud 9 has shown government commitment to cloud services and James Stewart, Director of Technical Architecture and Head of Technology at the Government Digital Service, has talked about the move away from Public Services Network and encouraging departments to embrace the cloud.

Why is the Public Sector making the move and what are the benefits?

Digital transformation is cornerstone for the Public Sector today – the goal is to drive efficiency and push innovation. However, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Vision and strategy are in place but existing systems may not have the capabilities - legacy infrastructure, aging apps, costly Data Centres and budgets restrictions are all preventing these changes. The Cloud is the go to route to navigate these issues; it is more cost effective, agile, responsive and an innately modern way of working.

Our own portfolio of services, for example, offers; managed enterprise infrastructure, secure off site back ups and flexible application and data access: add in UK based data centres, ISO compliant services and the cloud as a proposition is a rich and accessible one for those looking to give their IT systems a boost.

One major stumbling block, which has halted the progress of the cloud in both the public and private sector, is that the security capabilities of the cloud have been challenged. The reality is that public cloud services are often more secure than private alternatives, as they’re managed by a team of dedicated security professionals and constantly updated. Significantly, central Government recognises this, as outlined in its recent guidance on the cloud: ‘cloud providers have a significant budget to maintain, patch and secure their cloud infrastructure. This means public cloud services can mitigate many common risks that often pose challenges for government organisations’.

This is the greatest benefit of public cloud services: they take the headache out of security by putting it in the hands of experts who live and breathe cybersecurity day in, day out.

With the security credentials of the public cloud correctly understood, its essential public sector organisations start using these services as soon as possible, as the benefits are significant. For example, there’ll undoubtedly be cost savings achieved by moving to the subscription-based payment models favoured by public cloud providers and these will prove important as the Government continues its austerity agenda. But most importantly, public cloud services free IT teams from many of the back-office functions of running commodity services. As a result, they’ll have more time to focus on innovation; in the process creating better services for the UK public.

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