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The Truth Behind Your Business IT Costs

This infographic will reveal the true extent of your business IT costs and why they may be high.

The truth behind your business IT costs

Why are your business IT costs so high? Here are some of the main culprits:

Onsite servers

Maintaining your own IT systems is costly:

  • Purchase costs
  • Running costs
  • Maintenance costs
  • Licensing costs
  • Staffing costs

Reducing onsite hardware helps to cut costs.

Support costs

Organisations migrating to the cloud are cutting IT costs by an average of 15%.

Old software

Old/outdated software can be a major drain on budgets:

More than 2 out of 5 survey respondents estimated that unwanted applications drain more than 10% of their IT budgets.

For 1 in 10, the estimated cost is more than 20%.

60-80% of IT budgets are spent on maintaining legacy applications and the mainframe systems they run on.

And the expense of maintaining these systems is growing as they continue to age.


You need people to run IT systems. The more systems you have, the more people you need to keep them running.

52% of businesses expect to increase their IT workforce this year.

31% expect their workforce to stay the same.

17% expect to reduce headcount.

If your workforce isn’t shrinking, nor is your wage bill.

Looking for lost money?


  • Hardware estate – can you get rid of any servers or computers?
  • Software assets – is old software holding you back?
  • Staffing – if your IT team is growing, something is wrong.

It is essential to check each of these areas in order to maintain your business it costs.

Use the Cloud in order to reduce IT costs. Find out how by downloading your free eGuide: The Cloud Demystified: Hosted Desktop and Office 365 explained.

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