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Preventing Email Fraud with The Cloud

Preventing Email Fraud with The Cloud

Preventing Email Fraud with The Cloud

A recent report revealed that 99% of law firms do not have adequate measures in place to protect against email fraud. Many don’t understand the risk or assume their existing IT security solution will cover them against email fraud. It is still all too easy for criminals to impersonate the company and send fraudulent emails.

The financial burden on law firms who find themselves breached is twofold; depending on the circumstances they may be obligated to refund any lost client monies and firms could be fined up to four per cent of annual turnover once the EU's General Data Protection Legislation comes into force in May 2018.

Step forward the cloud, with in built protection against advanced threats. Once your firm has migrated to the cloud your provider will put in place solutions that pro-actively intercept emails containing suspicious content, attachments or URLs and provide a secure channel to communicate and exchange secure information with clients.

Below we have covered three simple ways that the cloud (and your cloud provider) protects you from these email threats.

Spam Filtering

Regular updates are carried out to ensure the thousands of new threats discovered each day are kept out of your inbox, including the latest phishing attacks.

Phishing and Email Protection

The most commonly used method of attack on a business is email. Your cloud provider will protect against phishing and malicious attachments by scanning emails before they appear on your computer screen. The system will detect and block content used by malware writers including ransomware.

Secure Information Transfer

Within the cloud, you have a secure vault to hold and distribute secure information between clients and your business. This is a perfect work around to the common conveyancing scam that has become big news in recent years.
You can keep all your sensitive information in one place and creates one line of communication through which this type of information can be sent between parties and not be intercepted for malicious purposes. 

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