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The Myths of the Cloud are Holding Businesses Back

The Myths of the Cloud are Holding Businesses Back

Despite the rapid adoption of cloud services and the many benefits they brings to businesses, there are still myths and misnomers about the dangers of storing data and running applications in the cloud.

These misconceptions are particularly common in industries that deal with sensitive customer data (law firms, accountants etc.) and are spread through misleading rumours and inaccurate stories.

So it is time to debunk the most common of these myths and show the compelling benefits that the cloud can offer.

  • Security

Considering the number of high profile cyber attacks that have taken place over the last 18 months, it is no surprise that security is a top concern for many companies. However, when it comes to the cloud, security is arguably the easiest to debunk.

Any security risks that you face are the same whether they are in the cloud or not. The difference here is that the upgrading and maintenance of any security measures are shared between yourself and your provider.

Considering all the aspects needed for a fully secure environment: physical security, data encryption, access management, security patches, and employee policies, many companies just don’t have the team, the infrastructure or the budget in house to achieve all this. Therefore, as long as your provider has the necessary procedures and capabilities, cloud based services will often be more secure than what you can provide for yourself.

On top of all this, a quality provider will have a robust Data Backup and Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity procedure in place should any data be lost.

In fact 50% of IT professionals rank security as a top reason for migrating applications to the cloud.

  • Loss of Control

Another barrier for many is the thought of handing over control of their IT to someone else. Yet this is what most companies do already. They hand over control to their internal IT department. It may be based in-house, but it is still the responsibility of someone else to manage, so using a cloud provider shouldn’t be treated any differently.

Any reputable provider will provide complete transparency, showing: where data is stored, how it is protected, how and when it is backed up, what the disaster recovery procedure is, what security measures are in place and how the data will be returned should you wish to change provider. Furthermore, it is standard across the industry for the only copy of the encryption key to be given to you, so not even the provider can see your data.

Working with a quality cloud provider is no different than trusting an internal IT department. They both offer the infrastructure, security, storage and support needed to run your IT.

  • Too Expensive

While it would be misleading to say the cloud is always cheaper, more often than not it is more cost-effective because it is scalable to fit the variable demands and workloads, where you have higher demand at certain times and lower demand at others.

Through the cloud you will move from a CAPEX model to an OPEX one, meaning you are charged on a pay-as-you-go basis. Rather than a large capital investment, you pay for what resources you use on a month by month basis, which can be scaled up or down as the need arises.

The cost of hardware, local storage, servers and a team to manage the whole thing, far out ways the subscription fee paid to a provider.

    These myths are holding many businesses back and halting the progress they should be making and preventing them from getting the most out of the cloud, regardless of their size.

    As long as you do your research and find a reputable provider, you will find your data is safe, you maintain full control of your IT and have better management of your IT resources.

    If you have any questions about the cloud, or want to discuss your organisations current IT environment, our team are always on hand to help. Either email or call 0800 023 9061.

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