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How Outsourcing Can Transform Your IT

Hiring a reputable managed IT service provider can reduce costs and increase efficiency – but how?

How Outsourcing Can Transform Your IT


Many companies rely on licensing their software and setting up their own networks – but this can be a risky strategy:

  • Licenses are needed for every company computer and are expensive.
  • Employees might be tempted to use unauthorised software; a hotbed for malware.
  • Company data being moved between company PCs via a network or a storage device can present a danger to your IT security.


the number of new malicious programs registered by the AV-Test Institute every day.

By embracing managed IT services, you can get your business up and running with invaluable hosted technology services including Software as a Service (SaaS):

  • All software is stored and accessed via the Cloud, meaning you can access your data from any computer; the provider will sort your networking issues out for you.
  • There’s no need to pay for licenses, install security updates or fret about compliancy.
  • Your company will always be using the very latest version of popular software packages.

Don’t rely on a single IT guy for your company’s needs; they might fall ill or leave the company…

… an IT outsourcing company will always have a qualified team on hand to help with all your IT needs – day or night if required.

Backup & Security

Many companies have poor or no backup/security processes in place:

  • Hard drives fail all the time; and yours are no different.
  • Lost data can have profound effect on a company’s bottom line and client relationships.
  • Data security is often treated as an afterthought by SMEs, leaving companies vulnerable to hack attacks.

Managed IT service providers can take care of the backing-up process and security for you:

  • All data backed up for you.
  • A hard drive going down in your office will have zero impact on your company’s data.
  • Reputable managed service providers use the latest security software and hardware to keep their clients’ data safe.


… the percentage of UK businesses who are unaware of how much they currently spend on data protection; don't be one of them...

£27 billion...

… the amount cybercrime costs the UK economy a year.

Move to the Cloud

Remember, not all hosted technology services are the same:

  • Be wary of providers who are cheap and have no track record; what would happen to your data if they went bust?
  • Some providers use proprietary systems that do not allow your data to be moved to another hosted technology service. Avoid them...

Employing managed IT service providers means:

  • They will locate the right hosted technology service for your needs and will oversee the entire transfer of your data and operations.
  • Ensure your data is available and accessible 24 hours a day.


  • Move all software to the Cloud to avoid up-front  licensing costs and potential compliance issues.        
  • Have proper backup procedures in place; hard drives fail.
  • Source the right managed IT service provider to ensure that you're getting the best service possible.
  • Let IT service providers take the strain for you so you can focus on running your business.

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