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Hosted Desktop: Perfect for Growing Your Start-up or Small Business

Hosted Desktop: Perfect for Growing Your Start-up or Small Business 

2016 has been a bumper year for start ups in the UK. Over 80 new companies are being born every hour, totalling 1.2 million so far this year and accounting for 40% of all active businesses in the UK.

Whatever their background and sector, the owners all have the same goal; rapid growth and a return on their investments. Hosted Desktop can give these small and start up businesses a platform by which to meet this goal – often at a quicker rate then those who don’t adopt.


Levels the Playing Field

Arguably the biggest challenge for start ups and small businesses is taking on their larger competitors. Hosted Desktop allows these small businesses to harness the enterprise level technologies and software that were previously out of reach and only accessible to the big budget competitors.

Little to No Upfront IT Investment

Hosted Desktop is priced on a per user per month basis, and does not require the latest high-end hardware to run. Businesses don’t need to buy expensive servers nor do individual employees need up to date laptops or computers. In fact, a business could buy their entire workforce Raspberry PIs for as little as £30 each and Hosted Desktop would function perfectly well.

Watertight Security and Backups

Using Hosted Desktop is a sure fire way to keep files and data safe, it can offer a more secure environment then the vast majority of start ups could create for themselves. Not only will a provider offer multiple backups and restore points, but will be continually monitoring for threats and updating their security in response.

Flexible Access

Hosted Desktop can be accessed from anywhere in the world, on any internet enabled device. This gives employees access to their files, emails and data 24/7 whether they are in the office, at home, with a customer or travelling between. Hosted Desktop is perfect for a new start up as it allows owners to work from home initially and as the business grows move into an office – needing only a laptop and an internet connection to carry on working.

How Can IT Farm Help?

We specialise in one thing, cloud services. So whatever IT challenge you face, you know you're being looked after by professionals who really care about what they do. We provide all your IT support and infrastructure maintenance, allowing you to focus on the sustainability and long term growth of your business.

For more information on Hosted Desktop (or any of our cloud services) contact our sales team on 0800 023 9061 or email

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