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What is Hosted Desktop? The non-techie’s guide to small business IT

Discover how moving to a virtual hosted desktop provider can improve your business.

What is hosted desktop?

Virtual desktops are difficult to explain, but very simple to use.


Think of the PC desk at work:

  • It runs Windows and various applications.
  • You go on the road and your PC stays at work.
  • You cannot use the PC without being physically present in the office.


A hosted desktop also runs Windows and various other applications, BUT...

  • The computer exists in a remote datacentre.
  • You connect to the virtual desktop over the Internet.
  • You can access the virtual desktop using any computer or tablet from anywhere in the world.


What’s in it for me? – Offsite storage

Relying on virtual hosted desktop providers for PC-based computing:

  • Improves data security – desktop sessions and data are stored in high security datacenters.
  • Improves data resilience – When stored offsite, your business is less likely to be affected by local disasters and associated outages.
  • Improves data availability – Enterprise-grade server systems are more fault tolerant than your own systems, reducing the risk of server crashes and lost productivity.

35% of US companies indicated that they had benefited from higher levels of security since shifting to the cloud. –Some SMBs Adopting Cloud for Security Benefits - IT Pro Portal.


What’s in it for me? – Remote access

Virtual hosted desktop providers can boost your productivity by:

  • Making your desktop session available even when you are out of the office.
  • Helping you use your desktop from any device – including tablets and smartphones.
  • Allowing you to get up and running quickly if your office is ever out of action.
  • Removing any need to reconfigure your current network security to facilitate remote access.

60% of businesses believe they have a user case for remote desktop access


What’s in it for me? – Reduced costs

By moving your PCs to virtual hosted desktop providers you can slash costs through:

  • A reduction in the number of physical PCs you need to buy.
  • Lengthening the upgrade cycle, thereby helping to spread capital investment over more years.
  • Reducing IT support demands for desktop PC support – the provider is responsible for keeping the machines running.
  • Providing an effective route to Bring Your Own Device, which is a new government policy allowing staff to bring their own devices to work.

Organisations that have fully or largely migrated to the cloud save, on average, more than 15% in IT spending as a percentage of revenue. Savings come not only from a reduction in data center spending, but also from lower IT personnel costs. –The Economic and Strategic Benefits of Cloud Computing – Computer Economics.


So what do virtual hosted desktop providers offer you?

  • Improved data security and availability.
  • Any time, any place, any device access to data.
  • A way to reduce IT operations costs. 

Find out more about how you can save 15% on IT spending by downloading your free eGuide: The non-techie’s ultimate guide to Hosted Desktop.

Dr James Huntington Managing Director

James is the Founder and Managing Director at IT Farm. His background in Computer Science help lay the foundation for IT Farm to become one of the UK's first Cloud Computing Companies.

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