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Five Things Accountancy Firms Should Stop Doing Today and Never Do Again.

Make life easier by getting rid of those annoying IT issues that you are plagued with.

We bet you wish that your IT solutions really did solve problems instead of making life more difficult. With the right IT outsourcing company managing them for you, they can. And then those annoying things you have to keep sorting out will need sorting no more . . .

The Ambush

You’ve barely put your foot through the door and you’ve got five accountants lying in wait to tell you about their IT problems of the morning:  ‘I can’t log on . . .’ ‘I’ve forgotten my password . . .’ ‘The programme I need won’t open . . .’

Solution: An outsourced service desk will solve all of these issues for you, so you can have a calmer start to the day – just sit down at your desk to get on with the things that matter.

Ground Log Day

There’s a network-wide problem that’s affecting everyone’s IT – and they’re all telling you about it. Your phone’s ringing off the hook and your email is constantly pinging with new arrivals, all of which are saying the same thing and something you already know.

Solution: With managed IT solutions comes proactive monitoring to stop issues before they hit your accountants’ desktops –and even on the rare occasions they do get that far, it won’t be you that will have to sort it. You can have peace and quiet to get on with your own work.

Fact: A study by IBM found that companies that outsourced their IT experienced a 3.2 points higher operating income growth than their sector peers.

Scan Theft

How many times do you get called to track down the scan that someone’s just made, because it hasn’t arrived in their email? We’re betting enough times every week to drive you to distraction and wish that you didn’t even have that function!

Solution: Outsource your IT management and you’ll never have to talk to anyone about missing scans again.

The Mysterious Case of the Missing Email

If you had a pound for every time you get called to find out why someone hasn’t received an email that’s been sent to them, you’d probably be able to give up work. But you don’t. Instead you just lose hours of time every month trying to find missing emails.

Solution: Let someone else do the searching for you by outsourcing your IT. Then solving the mysterious case of the missing email will no longer be down to you.

Dangerous Update Dodgers

You know the ones. The ones who only ever put their PC on sleep, so that they can power up faster in the morning. The ones who postpone critical updates time and time again. The ones who get constant issues because they don’t do the updates.

Solution: By having managed IT solutions, critical updates are applied centrally, so those dangerous update dodgers can’t get around it.

So, to recap – if you use managed IT solutions you will never have to sort out the following problems again:

  • Forgotten passwords and other login issues.
  • Dealing with multiple calls and emails all about the same thing.
  • Searching for missing scans.
  • Searching for missing emails.
  • Trying to solve problems caused by users not doing critical updates.

Fact: This study by Berkeley University revealed that switching from internal IT to outsourced IT reduces operating costs by roughly 30%

For more tips to get your time back, download our eGuide: Office manager’s toolkit: is IT interrupting your business?

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