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6 Reason to Move from Physical to Hosted Desktops

6 Reason to Move from Physical to Hosted Desktops

Hosted Desktop works anywhere on any device

PCs are not dead yet, but the way we access information has changed significantly in recent history from PCs, to phones, to tablets. Our always online lives have made us used to accessing what we want whenever we want. This has translated over to business where the benefit of ‘virtual machines’ has become an excellent fit for employees who want more flexible access to the applications and data they need to do their jobs. Likewise, it suits owners who are conscious of cost, deployment, security and support challenges around IT.

Moving away from physical to virtual desktops has too many benefits to ignore, and organizations are exploring new options to make the transition. One approach that is very popular, and is expected to grow, is Hosted Desktop (also known as Desktop as a Service, Virtual Desktop or Cloud Desktop)

If you or your business hasn’t made to jump over to Hosted Desktop yet – here’s 6 reasons why you should:

Financial Benefits

A significant IT challenge for business owners is migrating away from obsolete operating systems (52% of businesses are still using Windows XP). The latest versions of windows, for instance, often require upgrades to hardware, thus many turn to hosted desktop to reduce their capital expenditure and move to a more operational expense lead IT model.

Hosted Desktop reduces capital hardware costs and replaces them with a cloud subscription model and controls operational expenses by reducing the need for IT resources and support staff and keeping monthly costs consistent.


Even with improved threat detection, intrusion prevention and security breach resolution SME owners still worry that their firm is the next cyber attack victim because a single breach can cripple an entire business.

So what does Hosted Desktop offer – it enhances security because all the data is stored on the cloud not the end user device. The device is often the weak link because of weaker security tools, and the security practices of the end users. Your cloud provider will also be responsible for all software updates – includes updates to security – meaning not only do you have peace of mind that all your software is up to date but you will no longer get delayed by slow updates or have to worry about timing updates yourself.

Finally, Hosted Desktop puts security in the hands of the provider. They have the ability to devote more resources and have a greater body of experience on security matters than SMEs have themselves.

Flexible Access

Hosted Desktop gives you full access to your applications and data from anywhere with an internet connection. Perfect for employees always on the go and offering flexibility that was previously impossible with on-site resources.

Hosted Desktop also works on mobile and tablets thanks to a dedicated mobile application. This allows you to offer a more flexible working environment for your employees and encourages a better work/life balance – making your business a lot more attractive to new candidates

Room to Manoeuvre

Another form of flexibility offered by Hosted Desktop is the ability to account for fluctuating demands of your business. Whether you need to expand or scale down your capacity, this flexibility is embedded within the service, giving your business room to manoeuvre

Faster, Easier Deployment

Business can no longer account for day or week long set up times for bringing new employees up to speed with desktops. With Hosted Desktop, simply let your provider know what rights and resource the new employee needs and they can be set up in a matter of hours. All you need to supply is a device.

Another problem area that Hosted Desktop helps to navigate is the management of legacy infrastructure resulting from mergers and acquisitions; Hosted Desktop deployment can eliminate this major headache.

However, the most significant areas where Hosted Desktop can mitigate deployment challenges is in disaster recovery and business continuity (DR/BC).


Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a huge trend for businesses as users clamour to access apps data and services via their own familiar consumer devices. Hosted Desktop ensures a consistent user experience across all devices, regardless of format or brand, and standardises security and support.

In an era with widely dispersed workforces and remote working being the norm, Hosted Desktop is the perfect solution. Especially in ‘always on’ industries like finance, retail and hospitality

We get it

IT Farm’s decade long experience delivering hosted desktop throughout the UK ensures we have the knowledge and experience to move SMEs from their legacy in-house IT set-up to a cloud platform that performs to the highest possible standard and in a secure and compliant way.

We understand your industry, we understand your software and we understand how important your service is to your customers.

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