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11 Common IT Issues solves by Hosted Desktop (Part 2)

11 Common IT Issues solved by Hosted Desktop (Part 2)

Top 11 IT issues solved by hosted desktop

This part 2 of our list. If you missed the first half then please click here to discover 5 more common IT problems that hosted desktop can help you solve. 


The majority of companies have a backup system in place – but how often are they checked to ensure data can be recovered when needed? Are copies taken and stored offsite for safe keeping? Do you get failed backups on occasion?

Hosted desktop providers will have a robust data backup policy, ours, for instance, includes; three daily, weekly and monthly file and database backups, monthly backup to tape (which is stored off-site on a 7-year retention) and on demand restores for any files that you lose or delete by mistake.

Upfront Investments

IT infrastructure is expensive. The initial investment in equipment is not cheap, you need people who have the skills to implement it and parts will inevitably need replacing every few years. It is hard to plan for the future with on premises IT as well, do you overspend in the first instance to allow for growth or do you underspend and risk having to reinvest large amounts of capital to account for a sudden growth? Either way, it is not the most efficient way of doing things.

Hosted desktop takes your capital expenditures and moves them to an operational expense. You are only paying for the resources you need at that given time.

Operational Issues

IT, for one reason or another, is often left out of high-level business planning discussions. Leading to investments being made in areas different to what the IT managers had in mind.

Hosted desktops are, by their very nature, scalable. This allows businesses to tailor their IT system to deal with upswings (or downswings) in activity. Extra users, increased storage or new software can be added in minutes. On premises, IT is not this flexible.


How would your business operate if your IT system went down for a day or longer? To mitigate this risk with an internal IT system you need long term support contracts, redundant hardware and disaster recovery sites.

With the move to hosted desktop, the risk is in the hands of the provider. Their redundant hardware, expert staff and prevention measures are focused on making sure the system is at peak performance and the costs involved are not on the shoulders on one company instead these a spread throughout their entire customer base, making it a lot cheaper for each individual business. Your provider should also provide you with an SLA which guarantees a level of uptime for your system. If on the rare occasion, this level is not met you will be compensated.


The first thing people will tell you when discussing hosted desktop is its mobility, the flexibility to work from anywhere on any device is what makes hosted desktop so popular with modern businesses. Whether you are on the road, with a client, at home or in the office the functionality and usability is exactly the same. All you need is an internet connection and you’re away, you don’t even need the latest ultrafast fibre broadband, the 4G connection from your phone is more than enough.

Hosted desktop accounts for the unexpected, if you are stranded at home or are called away for an urgent meeting you can still work as you would in the office.


We have sprinkled a few extra issues below, that tend to up now again with IT 

- Disaster Recovery
- Legacy Software
- IT Contracts
- License Compliance

Do you experience these issues on a regular basis? Are there any that we have missed?

Get in touch with our team today on 0800 023 9061 or email Or, read more about hosted desktop on our website and give it a go yourself with our 14-day free trial.

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