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11 Common IT Issues solved by Hosted Desktop (Part 1)

11 Common IT Issues solved by Hosted Desktop (Part 1)

Top 11 IT issues solved by hosted desktop

Whether you run your own business, head an IT department or are a freelance consultant or contractor you will run into the same IT problems again and again. Hosted desktop can make your life a lot easier.

We have drawn up a list of 11 common IT problems and how hosted desktop can step in and solve them. However, because hosted desktop is such a great IT solution, the problems it fixes are too many for just one list. So we have split our list into two parts, the first half are covered below and we will cover the second half (and a few extras) next week.


Reports of viruses, spyware and malware causing havoc on business’ systems have been common place in recent years. These programs can cause disruption as little as slowing down the performance of your PCs to completely removing all of your data.

With hosted desktop, it is a lot harder for your system to be infected as it adds an extra layer of protection to your system: 

- Users cannot accidentally install anything
- Spam emails containing Malware are automatically filtered out
- Anti-virus software is continually updated
- Regular backups are taken which can be recovered should a virus infect the files that exist on the system

Vigilance is still important as new viruses are continually being developed.

Furthermore, with hosted desktop nothing is installed locally, so if a PC’s infected it is a simply a case of getting the OS back up and running and logging back into the hosted desktop system.


What are consequences of a company laptop or a memory stick being lost or stolen? How much sensitive information is stored on them? While most businesses do use some form of off-site/cloud storage system, many people will still sync the data to a local machine.

With hosted desktop, nothing is stored on the local device. The worst case scenario is that passwords are saved within the browser, but these can be reset within seconds.


IT is expensive, running a whole department on a small budget is therefore difficult. PCs will start to run slow, employees will complain that they would rather use a laptop or a tablet and that the devices they use at home are faster and more reliable. Well, with hosted desktop employees can start to use their own devices.

They can log in from anywhere, on any device and have the same usability as the PCs in the office would give. They are still accessing their files and data from secure data centres so nothing is stored locally and the same level of security is in place.

Different Hardware and Software

It is all too common in the business to have several colleagues all using different versions of the same software, that could be a different OS or older versions of applications such as Sage. This extends to hardware too and this creates an issue where older hardware (or MACs for example) will not run certain software.

Hosted desktop solves this issue, you can use any windows application on any device. Whether that device is a PC, Tablet, MAC or Linux.

Software Updates

It can be difficult for SMEs to keep up with software updates. Large businesses often have the pleasure of a system that distributes the updates across all their user’s machines, the majority of SMEs do not have this luxury. Instead, SMEs will update the software on each individual machine by hand. This is not only time consuming for the person carrying out the update, but it also interrupts the user of that machine.

With hosted desktop you only have to do the update once. Also, the hosted desktop provider will often be the one who carries out the update on your behalf, and at a time that causes the least amount of disruption

Do you experience these issues on a regular basis? Are there any that we have missed?

Get in touch with our team today on 0800 023 9061 or email Or, read more about hosted desktop on our website and give it a go yourself with our 14-day free trial.

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