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Our Aim Is Ambitious

Here at IT Farm we want to challenge businesses' low expectations of IT. It's too easy to fall into the trap of anticipating that IT will fail and data security isn't up to standard. After all, no technology is fully reliable and secure, right?

Wrong! Our raison d'etre is to prove that IT is reliable and secure, go-slows and downtimes are unacceptable, the cloud is a safe place to work and comprehensive IT support is the norm. That's if you choose a reputable supplier, anyway.

So, What Exactly Do We Do?

In a nutshell, we provide cloud services to SMEs across four service sectors:


Financial Services


Professional Services

Why SMEs?

Because it's the smaller companies who need to focus on multiple business priorities simultaneously but lack the resources to do so. By becoming IT partner to SMEs, we take away the heavy burden of IT management thereby letting you concentrate on the critical aspects of running and developing your business.

Why Specific Sectors?

Because we have over a decade of experience in industries like yours, we understand them inside-out and can really help you overcome your daily productivity, client service, data security or compliance challenges.

Why the Cloud?

Because it's the future but it's here for the taking today. Speak to any reputable IT professional and they will tell you that the cloud is the most secure, reliable and productive way to run your IT.

Our Values


We employ the brightest people who, above all else, really care about what they do;

We hold regular discussions with our network of industry partners & professionals and continuous feedback from our customers;


Our History

To delve deeper, let us tell you a little more about us. We're passionate about IT. Our founder and Managing Director, Dr James Huntington, gained a first-class degree and PhD in computer science during his university years. Under his guidance, IT Farm became one of the UK's first cloud computing providers.



The former has been instrumental in IT Farm's birth and ongoing success. The latter is a matter of coincidence but we like to believe it's more about fate. Our business was meant to be; and it was destined to settle in Manchester Science Park.

In our 2013 Microsoft Customer Satisfaction survey:

  • 100%of our customers said they were satisfied.
  • 100%said they would recommend us.
  • 100%rated the quality of our products 5*

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