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Financial Sector

The Financial Sector Challenges

By far the biggest concern of financial service providers is information and monetary security. Data theft, financial crime and other cyberattacks are more numerous and more sophisticated than ever before. With the cloud, the financial services sector can conquer it's challenges while simultaneously fostering profitability.

Cybercrime and fraud
Money laundering, terrorist financing and economically motivated scams place cybersecurity in pole position on your agenda.
Strict regulatory regimes
Whether you're regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority or Prudential Regulation Authority, you face heavy scrutiny.
Marketplace competition
Working productively, efficiently and transparently is vital in order to meet clients' expectations and secure their loyalty.
Tough trading conditions
Global economic slowdown and limited consumer spending has created an unstable environment.
Flexible working and collaborative workspaces are in demand; accommodate to retain your best talent.

The Expectation

Cloud computing in financial services removes the barriers to success. IT Farm can supply your complete IT infrastructure and deliver comprehensive backup and support.

With our financial services solutions, you'll benefit from:

Maintained compliance

Adapt to the dynamic regulatory regime with encryption, replication, disaster recovery and security accreditations.

Maximised profitability

Transform your operating model by driving down costs, optimising resilience and delivering quality services to boost your profit margins.

Service delivery focus

Allow IT Farm to manage all your IT requirements so you're able to concentrate on looking after your customers.


By only paying for active users and avoiding upfront CapEx, financial services IT is scalable and affordable.

Improved talent retention

Empower your employees with anytime, any place access to provide them with a better work-life balance and promote long service.

Some of the software suites we host include:


"We've reduced the number of filing cabinets and now occupy a smaller office so we pay less rent. All our data is easily accessed from anywhere. My office is my laptop."

Read our free brochure for helpful guidance reviewing the cost, compliance and operational considerations when choosing your hosted IT provider.

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